What happens?

Do not let a slight discomfort turn into something serious
A pain in the teeth can be nothing. Or everything Come to the consultation before any sign of                             alert. Here we will establish the diagnosis .
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One of my teeth hurt

If you take a very cold or very hot food you notice a discomfort ...

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I have bad breath

Halitosis is a very common phenomenon that originates in the mouth.

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I chipped a tooth

You are playing, practicing sports or doing any other activity and, almost without giving ...

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My gums bleed

If blood stains appear during the daily brushing of the teeth, it's time ...

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I grind my teeth

Depression, stress or headaches or jaw are some of the most common causes ...

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I have yellow teeth

It is possible that at some point you look in the mirror and realize that your teeth are ...

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I have a toothache

Do you feel a very intense pain around the mouth? It is very likely that it comes from one or several ...

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I have crooked teeth

It is more common than you think, especially if we talk about children, that the position of ...

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I move a tooth

Do you feel your teeth with mobility? You are likely to suffer a process of bone loss ...

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