I have a toothache

Do you feel a very intense pain around the mouth? It is very likely that it comes from one or several teeth. In fact it is one of the most common discomforts that are treated in any dental clinic.
Me duele una muela

How do I distinguish toothache?

It is not easy to identify the symptoms, since they can be confused with those of another dental condition. The normal thing is that it is a pain that appears suddenly, strong and constant that then diminishes and then returns to be noticed with intensity. This pain may be accompanied by other signs such as pain when chewing, bleeding gums, swelling in the jaw or tooth sensitivity to contact with very cold or very hot substances.

Why do my teeth hurt?

The causes can be many and varied:
  • Pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp).
  • Cavities.
  • Dental infection.
Toothache can also be due to a more general condition from other parts of the body, such as an ulcer or otitis (ear infection).

What treatment should I follow?

First of all, do not rush and search the Internet to find out what the toothache is. Leave the computer and ask for an appointment quickly at the dental clinic.

The treatments established by the dentist will depend on the origin of the pain, and may be:

  • Paste to fight tooth decay
  • Supply of antibiotics

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