I tooth is moving

Do you feel your teeth with mobility? You are likely to experience a process of alveolar bone loss.
I tooth is moving

Why is a tooth moving?

Dental mobility can be related to several factors: a treatment of                         aggressive orthodontics, traumatisms, pyorrhea ... among all of them, the disease stands out                         periodontal, this being the most common cause of mobility and therefore a loss                         dental if you do not act on time.                         Periodontal disease, commonly known as pyorrhea, is the progressive loss of                         the elements in charge of holding the teeth, as they are, the bone, the                         periodontal ligament and gum.
Should I be worried?
If mobility is becoming more and more acute, you should worry, since, over time,                         in greater mobility and therefore in the loss of the tooth. Therefore, you                         We advise you to go to our clinic to find the diagnosis and the best treatment.

What treatment should I follow?

The dentist will make the diagnosis and establish the most appropriate solution for the                         dental mobility. Possible treatments:

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