Dental Aesthetics

In IGB Dental we have proven treatments to correct possible defects                             very visible to the human eye: dark or yellow color on the teeth, excessive separation between                             dental pieces, fractures, dental asymmetry, etc.

Teeth whitening

It is the clearing of the color of the teeth by applying a chemical agent and sometimes light or heat that penetrates through the enamel and dentin.

Composite veneer

It is a layer of synthetic resin that is placed on the outer face of the tooth remaining stuck on hardening. It is molded and giving shape and color in the same session.

Currently, it is one of the most used materials for veneers because of its high aesthetics. When going on the tooth they are made without the need to wear the teeth. They are reversible, if you do not like it you can remove them and return to the initial situation. They are made in a single day. They can be touched up in a simple way. The disadvantage is that over time they can undergo color changes that are solved with small touches.

Porcelain veneer

It is a thin porcelain sheet adhered to the surface of the treated tooth, replacing the visible face of the tooth. This improves the position, color, size and shape of the tooth. These veneers do not change color over time. They are manufactured by the laboratory meticulously to achieve the greatest aesthetics, brightness and luminosity.

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