Fixed teeth and implants in 1 day

We are Leaders in Immediate Implantology thanks to the large number of patients who place their trust day after day enjoying this wonderful technique.                             At IGB Dental all the staff is highly qualified and trained with the best professionals to achieve success in this technique.
What does this mean?

On the same day the extractions are made, the implants and the fixed teeth are placed.

The usual treatment in a STANDARD CLINIC is to remove the teeth, wait 4 months, place                     implants, wait another 4 months, then perform the prosthesis in another 2 months. All this eternity                     of time the patient wears a false teeth with palate, which are uncomfortable and anti-aesthetic, since                     They tend to fall and take off.

In Instituto Gómiz Bordalás we placed the fixed teeth on the same day of the surgery, winning in                         Quality of life and trust leading a normal lifestyle.

Patients with old complete prostheses suffer from imbalances in them due to the                         reabsorption of the alveolar bone and its gums, are forced to use 'glues' or adhesives                         to hold these 'dentures'.

Removable prostheses have gone down in history.
Advantages of implants and fixed teeth
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The aesthetics is greater than with a removable denture
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It is much more comfortable, nothing is noticed that is false
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You can eat much better from the first day
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The gums heal better and it is much less annoying

Implants all on 4

When the patient does not have much bone, it is normal to say that you can not take anything fixed.

Well, for these patients this technique was designed, which allows to place on 4 implants the complete dental arch, in a fixed way, without bone grafts, in a single day and with a higher success rate than other procedures.

They are strategically distributed to ensure correct fixation and avoid bone overload. It has been demonstrated that the success of dental restoration does not lie in making more implants, but in the quality of the implants and the bone in which they are anchored.

Dr. Alejandro Gomiz Bordalás has been trained in MALO CLINIC, creators of the technique All on 4, achieving surprising results, with minimal discomfort for the patient and above all, improving their quality of life.

This technique is one of the last in the field of advanced implantology, and few are the dental centers that are willing to offer it, or simply do not have the necessary experience to carry it out.

Implants all on 4
All on 5, All on 6

The technique is similar to All on 4, but instead of 4 implants, 5 or 6 are placed in each arch. It is the treatment of implants that rehabilitates the complete arch that we recommend in the event that the patient has sufficient bone in the jaws.

Implantes Cigomáticos

Cryomatic implants

They are the best option to be able to permanently rehabilitate the maxilla, when there is not enough bone to be able to practice the All on 4 treatment. If you are a case of severe bone loss, in most dental centers you will be given 2 options : a false denture, or will propose breast elevations and bone grafts, with which your dental treatment can be extended up to 1 year, in addition to having gone through 2 or 3 surgeries. With this technique we rehabilitate atrophic jaws in just one day and in an intervention.

This procedure combines the placement of implants in the zygomatic or malar bone, combined with the placement of conventional dental implants in the anterior area of ​​the maxilla.

There are few centers in Spain trained to carry out a zygomatic implant treatment, Dr. Alejandro Gómiz Bordalás was trained with the best professionals in Brazil where this technique is very advanced. There are already many patients treated with this technique. Surgery zygomatic implants is a safe procedure that is usually performed with sedation or general anesthesia for greater comfort both patient and implantologist.

And all with the latest technology
Computer-guided surgery

Thanks to new technologies, the patient performs a tac from which we obtain high-quality 3D (three-dimensional) maxillary reconstructions that, together with the use of computer software, allows us to carry out our case planning in a virtual way with digital images. in our computer.

With this information, a splint or surgical guide is manufactured that makes it easier for us to place the implants in the mouth in the perfectly preselected location and address in our previous virtual surgery. In this way our implant surgery will be prosthetically guided, it is much more precise, minimizing our surgical approach (minimally invasive surgery), and sometimes we do not have to use incisions or sutures, getting better postoperative.

Thanks to our exclusive technology, integrated implantology unifies the diagnosis through digital photography, intraoral scanning and three-dimensional radiology.
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