Dental implantology

The lack of a tooth due to aging, decay or trauma can cause an impact on the aesthetic, functional level and can become a health problem.
Implantología Dental

A dental implant is the best substitute to the loss of a natural tooth, allowing us a complete masticatory function and a natural aesthetic result that imitates the original anatomy of the tooth and supports the dental crown.

When several teeth are missing it is not always necessary to replace all the missing teeth with the same number of dental implants. For example, if three adjacent teeth are missing, a bridge can be placed on implants (two implants and three crowns).

Advantages of dental implants

They are the best solution when a tooth is lost. It is the closest thing to the natural tooth.
They are made of titanium, a biocompatible material that allows a correct integration to the bone
Maximum stability because they are anchored to the bone.
Durability throughout the years. With the care, proper oral hygiene and going to your revisions, implants are a lasting solution.
It allows us to put fixed teeth without touching the contiguous natural teeth or when we do not have teeth to lean on.
It has a success rate close to 100%.
They preserve the bone as it stimulates it and prevents bone loss in the long term.
It is a simple and painless process that will allow you to recover all the functionality of your denture, gaining aesthetics and confidence
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