Prosthodontics refers to the dental prosthesis, which has now become the                              best alternative to replace a tooth, either completely or partially.

Zirconium prosthesis

These are ceramic crowns that eliminate the unsightly dark line between the tooth and the gum,                              since they are made 100% with zirconium, biocompatible material that gives the tooth a white color                              natural and translucent

These zirconium structures are developed thanks to CAD-CAM technology, designed by computer.                              Once the structure is obtained, the ceramic is placed, giving rise to a much more aesthetic type of prosthesis.

Oral rehabilitation and Bruxism

Bruxism is the involuntary habit of grinding or clenching teeth. The patient does not usually realize                              that squeaks or clenches your teeth because you usually do it while you sleep. You can observe signs of                              wear on the teeth, they can break and break. It may cost us to open and close your mouth, even                              Noises and clicks on the joint. It overloads and also damages the chewing muscles. May cause                              Tensions in the area of the head and neck as well as headache.

The main trigger of bruxism is stress, problems at work, personal and family make us tighten our teeth.

By means of splints designed for each patient, the teeth are protected and we prevent them from wearing out, as well as protecting the joint.

When the wear is very serious rehabilitate with covers, these covers return the size that had the natural teeth of                              so that we recover the structure lost by wear.

Prosthesis on implants

The implant is the "screw" that is placed in the bone. On this implant will be attached a crown on                              Implants that can be cemented or screwed (depending on the case) that will be responsible for emulating the tooth.                              They can be zirconium (recommended for the previous sector) or metal-ceramic (recommended for the later sector).

For cases of a full arcade depending on the case, it can be a hybrid prosthesis, ceramic metal or zirconium

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