It is a controlled medical state of depression of consciousness that allows to maintain all the defense reflexes of the airway. The patient retains his ability to have his free airway independently and continuously, allows an adequate response to physical or verbal stimulation, there is response to verbal commands.

The patient is calm, not asleep. In addition, the patient enters a state of relaxation and drowsiness,                          but without losing the ability to respond to the orders of the dentist, since it is not a general anesthesia.

In summary, the presence of an anesthetist who performs a conscious sedation is the most comfortable way                          and sure to receive your dental treatment, both for the patient and for the dentist. It is administered to                          through a vein of the hand that is channeled at the beginning of the session.

Once the session is finished with other drugs, the effects of sedation are quickly eliminated so that the                          patient can return home in perfect condition, accompanied by a family member or friend.

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